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Mental Health Training



CITBNI has launched a series of mental health and wellbeing training courses aimedat helping employers to think about how they can create work environments thatminimise stress and support employees who are struggling.  

Withover a third of construction workers reporting that they have experienced acondition in the past year, mental health is a significant and ongoing issuewithin the industry. 

Deliveredby Inspire Workplaces, the training courses have been designed to supportindividuals at all levels of the construction workforce working within the NIconstruction industry. Course content includes recognising mental healthsymptoms, effective ways to help staff, early warning signs, coping strategies and how to seek help. 

Aspart of their commitment to supporting their own staff, CITB NI has created aworkplace health and wellbeing committee. Their role includes creating andimplementing activities that helps employees be aware of the support availablefor their own wellbeing as well as others. 

Barry Neilson, CITB NI Chief Executive, said: 

“Mentalhealth wellbeing is a key priority for CITB NI both internally for our staffand for supporting our employers. We arevery aware of the difficulties and challenges facing the construction industry and we are committed to working within our partnership networks to ensure that we do everything we can to help, support and guide our industry by providingaccess to high quality training that will help make a difference to employers,employees and the workplace.”   

Gavin Megaw from Inspire Workplaces added:  

“ We will be working in partnership with CITBNI to deliver a series of mental health and wellbeing courses aimed at helping employers in the construction sector to put in place the necessary systems that will support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.”   

TheCITB NI mental health and wellbeing courses are free to CITB NI employers, andthe first phase will run online from June – August 2021. For further information including coursedates and booking details visit, or e-mail  Follow CITB NI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.